About Us

Front Rank Figurines specializes in the design and manufacture of high quality metal military war games and collectors figurines in 28mm and 40mm.

Alec Brown launched Front Rank Figurines in 1986, having always been interested in military history, model making and war gaming,

Alec’s detailed style of design has made Front Rank Figurines an established name within the UK and internationally. The miniatures are researched and sculpted in meticulous detail by Alec and this combined with Alec’s mould making skills ensure that you receive good quality metal castings which are all manufactured in the rural heart of England.

We pride ourselves on the high quality workmanship of our models and our attention to detail when packing and dispatching orders. Our fast and reliable mail order service dispatches to our customers across the globe.

Our 28mm ranges cover the periods of the Hundred Years War, Wars of the Roses, War of the Spanish Succession, Late 17th Century, Jacobite Rebellion, French Indian wars, Seven Years War, American War of Independence and Napoleonic.

Our 40mm range covers the American War of Independence.

We regularly bring out new war games figures so sign up to receive our e-newsletter or visit our website regularly for the most up to date information.

Front Rank are always pleased to hear from any customers who have any ideas and comments, if you wish to share these with us, please email us using our contact us page, we read everything sent through but unfortunately don’t have time to answer everyone.


Front Rank has been purchased by Gripping Beast Ltd!

We would like to thank Alec & Angela Front Rank for their stupendous patience and we wish them a long and happy retirement.

Front Rank has now moved to Beast Towers, lock, stock and barrel. It will, however, take us a few days to get sorted and for production to begin again. In the meanwhile, you can now place your orders on the website in the normal way.

Once we have things organised, we will begin to work through the orders (this will take some days!) We will process the orders strictly in the order in which they were received.

Thank you all for your patience and some level of sanity will be restored as soon as possible


13th January 2022


Front Rank have been attending shows for 30 years +, in that time our ranges have expanded to the point where due to space restrictions etc., we were unable to bring many ranges with us to shows, this and the logistics of organising and attending shows made us come to the decision that we would no longer attend any shows, this means we can concentrate on our mail order business.
We would like to thank all the customers who we would regularly meet at shows, thank you for your support, we hope that we can still offer you a great service through our mail order in the future.
UPDATE: We will soon be adding a facility to the website to allow customers to pre-order for collection at UK Wargames shows that Gripping Beast is attending. You will be able to place your pre-order and pay on the site and then collect from the GB show stand. At the moment, the GB stand is rammed and so we will not be taking any Front Rank figures to shows. Until the website facility is up and running, please contact thebeast@grippingbeast.com to see which shows we are attending and how to place a pre-order.