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To enable us to process as many orders as possible for as many customers as possible our maximum GOODS order value is set at a maximum £200.00.
The £200 is for goods, this value is before S&H is added and any applicable discount and VAT is deducted. (The maximum goods value for VAT deducted = £166).
This enables orders of goods £175+ (£146+ VAT deducted) to take advantage of our 10% discount.
Our online ordering system automatically deducts any applicable discount and adds the S&H. The S&H cost is based on the delivery destination.
For delivery destinations outside the EU the VAT is deducted.
We do appreciate some customers frustration about not being able to place larger £200+ orders, we will continually review the situation.
Unfortunately we will not be combining multiple orders into 1 shipment, each order will be counted as a separate order and be dispatched separately.