40mm Horses

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      • 40mm AWI Horses
        • 40mm standing horse.
          Code Description Price Qty
          40HR1 40mm standing horse. £5.80 (incl. VAT)
          40mm walking horse.
          Code Description Price Qty
          40HR2 40mm walking horse. £5.80 (incl. VAT)
          40mm trotting horse.
          Code Description Price Qty
          40HR3 40mm trotting horse. £5.80 (incl. VAT)
          40mm cantering horse.
          Code Description Price Qty
          40HR4 40mm cantering horse. £5.80 (incl. VAT)
          Code Description Price Qty
          40HR5 40mm galloping, legs stretched out horse. £5.80 (incl. VAT)
          40HR6 40mm galloping, legs gathered in horse. £5.80 (incl. VAT)
      • 40mm Horses for British Light Dragoon Officers
      • Horses for 40A201 and 40A202 only

        • 40HR7
          Code Description Price Qty
          40HR7 Galloping legs stretched out, for use with 40A201 and 40A202 only £5.80 (incl. VAT)
          40HR8 Galloping, legs gathered in, for use with 40A201 and 40A202 only £5.80 (incl. VAT)

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