Special Light Cavalry Horses (Horses have saddlery attached for use with figures marked (S1)

The majority of mounted figures have the saddle attached to the casting of the figure, for these figures please select LT or HV style horses (no saddle on the horse).
Those figures which do not have the saddle cast on the figure will require S1/LT style horses.
These figures will state, either individually or by group that they require the S1 TYPE HORSE – Example FNC 53 (S1 horse) – This figure is only compatible with horses S1/LT1A through to S1/LT5B.
The S2/LT horses are intended for certain Napoleonic French Generals only where stated.

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      Standing, head up
      Code Description Price Qty
      S1/LT1A Standing, head up £2.10 (incl. VAT)
      S1/LT1B Standing, arched neck £2.10 (incl. VAT)
      Walking, head up
      Code Description Price Qty
      S1/LT2A Walking, head up £2.10 (incl. VAT)
      S1/LT2B Walking, arched neck £2.10 (incl. VAT)
      Trotting, head up
      Code Description Price Qty
      S1/LT3A Trotting, head up £2.10 (incl. VAT)
      S1/LT3B Trotting, arched neck £2.10 (incl. VAT)
      Galloping, legs back, head forward
      Code Description Price Qty
      S1/LT4A Galloping, legs back, head forward £2.10 (incl. VAT)
      S1/LT4B Galloping, legs back £2.10 (incl. VAT)
      Galloping, legs stretched out, head forward
      Code Description Price Qty
      S1/LT5A Galloping, legs stretched out, head forward £2.10 (incl. VAT)
      S1/LT5B Galloping, legs stretched out £2.10 (incl. VAT)